Can't we prevent the occurrence of defective products?
That is the starting point of the development of the cut nozzle.

[Development Background]
 When filling products such as honey or lotion into tubes, there is a problem where the product remains in a thread-like shape on the tube sealing surface, causing sealing defects.
 When sealing defects occur, the corresponding batch may require complete inspection, significantly reducing productivity.
 Is there any way to resolve this issue? This is where the development of the cut nozzle began.

[Customer Feedback]
・By simply replacing the existing nozzle, the defect rate decreased and production capacity increased. (Cosmetics manufacturing)
・We were using filling machines from overseas manufacturers, which took almost six months for delivery.
 With the new nozzles, the delivery time has been shortened and the yield has improved. (Cosmetics manufacturing)
・Previously, there was a lot of product scattering and waste during filling, but now, with the reduced scattering, the manufacturing site is kept clean. (Food manufacturing)

[Basic Specifications]
 Basic Material: SUS316 or SUS316L※1
 Nozzle Diameter: Outer diameter φ9 to φ39※2
 The cut nozzle is a made-to-order product.
 Please first provide the filling machine manufacturer you are using, the desired nozzle diameter, and the overall length.
 ※1 We also accept production using materials other than the basic ones, such as PEEK, depending on your preferences, so please consult with us.
 ※2 Please consult with us regarding the overall length of the nozzle and other conditions.

[Flow from Consultation to Order Placement]
1.Please contact us with the following information: the filling machine manufacturer you are currently using, the nozzle diameter, nozzle length, and inner diameter of the container, as  well as any specific concerns or issues you may have.
2.If possible, please lend us the nozzle you are currently using.
3.If we have a cut nozzle that can be installed on your current filling machine, we may be able to lend it to you. Additionally, we can conduct tests within our company. *Charges apply for testing.
4.We will provide you with a draft review and a quotation.
5.If the terms of the business agreement are acceptable, we will proceed with the order placement. The production period will depend on the order status but is typically around 2 to 2.5 months.

■ Awards Received by Cut Nozzle
 In the 29th year of the Heisei era, the cut nozzle was certified as a Katsushika Brand product.
 At the 48th Invention Awards, we were honored with the Tokyo Governor's Award.

■Requests Regarding Inquiries
We are unable to speak English.
Please contact us via email through the inquiry form.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.